April 16th, Part V

I am quite proud of myself, because my critiques for the students aligned perfectly with what my site mentor was thinking. She also allowed me to participate with the final grade calculations at the end of the session. Unfortunately, one student was unsuccessful with her scale final. The grade was calculated according to missed surfaces of subgingival calculus, supragingival calculus, stain, plaque, and tissue trauma. My site mentor spoke with the unsuccessful student after her patient was dismissed, and carefully reviewed all reasons regarding her failure. She had missed over 8 surfaces of subgingival calculus, 3 areas of stain, 2 areas of supragingival calculus, and had over 8 sites of tissue trauma. Additionally, her instrumentation technique was unacceptable due to an overall lack of adaptation and proper angulation. I was very impressed with how constructive my mentor was with the student. She took a lot of time and reviewed instrumentation on a typodont, and discussed ideas for improvement. The student is still required to complete a thorough remediation and reassess on her scale final.


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