April 6th, Part V

I had a bit more freedom during this clinic session, per the instructor’s consent. She allowed me to do a student evaluation for sealant placement, as well as check the student’s debridement accuracy for a grade. I took the advice of my primary site mentor, and critiqued the student as needed, and took points off her grade accordingly. This does not mean that I was overly harsh, but I was no longer afraid to give a student a non-perfect grade. The student missed three pieces of subgingival calculus in quadrant 4 and failed to test her curing light prior to placing a sealant (the light was broken, and did not have a barrier). I turned these errors into learning experiences for the student. I explained to her that it is important to have all proper armamentarium present, tested, and easily accessible prior to the start of any formal evaluation, or procedure in general. Also, I explained how she may have missed the three calculus deposits. They were all directly under the tooth contacts, and I gave her advice for how to tell the difference between contact and calculus. The student thanked me after clinic for the advice, and said that I really did help her. This was another great “educator” moment for me.


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